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Multiple File Downloader


Hassle-free download of multiple files. Lets you choose from all downloadable content on a page.

MSI Multiple-file downloader uses the new HTML5 "download" attribute to decide if a file is downloadable. If anything on the page is downloadable, you see the download icon in your address bar. Click on the icon, choose the files you want and Firefox does the rest.

MSI Multiple-file downloader works with non-HTML5 pages, too. As a website developer, you can put the "download" attribute into any anchor tags to instantly add multiple-file download capability to your web page.

*** Changes

* 1.2.0 make the extension scriptable

* 1.1.0 remove individual download links from popup UI

* 1.0 Public release

* 0.2 Second alpha release
- destination directory now created if it doesn't exist
- files with names that already exist on disk are renamed when saved

* 0.1 First alpha release

*** Notice
Portions of this software are licensed to Media Science International, LLC ("MSI") under one or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file in the published source code for additional information regarding copyright ownership.

*** Source Code
Portions of this software are published as open-source and are available at https://github.com/mediascience/Browser-Multiple-Downloader

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