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PunkSPIDER is an open source project that is performing a vulnerability analysis of websites across the entire Internet. It checks for 7 types of basic vulnerabilities that, if present, could make a website particularly dangerous to the security and privacy of users. The results are published in a searchable repository where users and website owners can check if specific websites they use / own are vulnerable to these common attacks. A vulnerable website can lead to your personal information being stolen, which can lead to identity theft and credit theft. Moreover, vulnerable sites can be used to spread malware and all kinds of nasty stuff to your computer.

This plugin automatically checks PunkSPIDER's extensive database to see if the site you are currently visiting has any of the 7 vulnerabilities we check for. The plugin is designed to be low-profile, with a small spider icon in the top right of your browser bar. If PunkSPIDER has found any vulnerabilities on the site, the spider icon will show a red X to warn you. If you see a red X, you should proceed cautiously on this site. Avoid giving any personal information to this site and, if you must create an account, don't re-use usernames or passwords from other accounts.

If the site you are currently visiting has been checked for vulnerabilities and is clean, the icon will show a green check mark. If PunkSPIDER hasn't yet gotten any information on the site you are currently visiting, the spider will not show a red X or a green check mark. At any time you can click on the spider icon for additional information.

Add-on written by:
Alejandro Caceres, creator of the PunkSPIDER project
Diegocr, via Freelancer.com

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