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Subtile is a Firefox extension that provides generic support for toolbar menus.

The menu can be located anywhere in the browser toolbars, attached to an icon that can change its appearance when an event occurs.

If you are a Webmaster, you can create your own menus and distribute them easily to your users. With the dynamic capabilities of Subtile, you can alert people when some content has changed or new messages are available.

If you are simply a curious Web user, enjoy the available menu configurations from http://www.subtile.net/subtiles.php or build easily your own video site monitor from http://www.downloadhelper.net/st-build.php


# Fully customizable multi-levels menu accessible from a toolbar button
# Menu can be constructed from a number of different source types:
* Arbitrary XML source
* Regular HTML page
* CSV file
* RSS feed
* Static configuration
# Any number of toolbar menus can be installed
# Auto-install menu through a simple link click
# Configurable update periodicity
# A menu can be setup to install automatically at the same time as the extension
# Some menu entries can be configured to request input from the user then link to an URL based on this input
# Configurable About link
# Configurable Web page loaded at menu installation
# Alerts can be generated by any of the remote data sources resulting in toolbar icon changing its appearance
# Auto-acknwoledged alerts when link is visited
# Configurable link opening when menu item is clicked:
* In current browser window
* In a new tab
* In a popup: popup options can be setup
# XSLT support for taking data from any XML or HTML source

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