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Select Search Engine


I am usually using "Search Selected Text" feature and sometimes I need to select other search engine.
I know I can select(switch/change) current search engine in mouse or key operation(Alt + UP/DOWN) on searchbar.
But it require
  1. move mouse cursor on searchbar
  2. select search engine
  3. move back page contents to select text
I think there are huge time loss.

This addon provide a simple and quick way to select(switch/change) current search engine from Tool Menu.

Important Information: 2016/03/16
Mozilla is changing a lot of things about add-on development again. So this addon might be stop working in the future.
"The Future of Developing Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Add-ons Blog"

"Add-ons/developer/communication - MozillaWiki - Upcoming Changes in Add-on Development"https://wiki.mozilla.org/Add-ons/developer/communication#Upcoming_Changes_in_Add-on_Development

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