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Force Addon Status


# Abstract

This addon provides ability to control enabled/disabled status of addons.
This is mainly designed for corporate-use.

# Usage

## For Extensions

If you want an addon "[email protected]" to be controlled, then
create a string preference for the addon, like:

pref("[email protected]@labs.mozilla.com.status", "enabled");

Possible values:

* `enabled`
* `disabled`
* `uninstall`
* `global`

You can specify two or more values as a comma-separated list, like:

pref("[email protected]@labs.mozilla.com.status",

If you set the value to `global` and the addon is installed to the user profile, then the user profile version will be uninstalled and the globally installed version will become active.

## For Plugins

If you want a plugin named "Java(TM) Plug-in ..." to be controlled, then
you have to create two preferences like:

pref("[email protected]",
"^Java\(TM\) Plug-in");
pref("[email protected]ins.0.status",

The value of ".pattern" is a regular expression (case sensitive) for the name
of the plugin, because addon-id for plugins are modified on every install.

If the value of ".status" is `true`, then the plugin will be activated. Otherwise disabled.

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