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My IMToolbar


This is the unofficial updated version of the famous IMFU toolbar for firefox by KBH: https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/addon/my-imfu/

Credits goes to KBH for this amazing addon!
Also to tester and contributor Karenferndale.

Includes the following changes (v4.0):

- Corrected all forum links, added the Welcome forum and International Users Forum.
- Took out ap outfit challenge links.
- Added view derivations link under Shop tab.
- Took out premium names.
- Changed Latest Outfits to My Latest outfits.
- Took out Videos link: http://www.imvu.com/catalog/newsletter/video.php.
- Took out Neighbourhoods button as its a dead feature as of now.
- Removed Chat Now button.
- Updated all links to edit products and product settings.
- Added links to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus In Developer Toolbar.
- Added link to Imageshack in the Page Creation tab.
- Added more generators to the Page Creation tab.
- Changed "Latest Outfits" to "My Latest Outfits".
- Fixed My Latest Outfits link, it now shows the current Latest Outfits and having a correct name.
- Grouped Latest Outfits link with the Outfit Challenge ones.
- Added a link to the Shopping Center in the Shop tab.
- Updated icon.
- Added link to Adplan in Develop menu.
- Added links to webs, filedrive and wix in the Page Creation menu.
- Added Tools menu with universal clock and translator links.
- Fixed the shoutout stretching glitch.

Including previous version features:

Adds optional toolbars and options to Firefox that are designed to provide improved navigation and ease of use of IMVU.

General Features;
Protection from know fraudulent resellers.
Choose a custom forum skin.
Remove annoying text colours and sizes from forums.
Hide badges.
Add posting tools to group pages.
Show extra posting tools in forums.
Add a See Derived link to product pages.
Show extra creator tools on product pages.
Hide Stickers.
Fix some IMVU site errors.
Strip down page titles and add section colouring to make tabbed browsing easier.

Main toolbar with;
Quick and easy access to IMVU pages.
Quickly view and manage your user pages.
Search the catalog, the music store, public rooms from the toolbar.
Easily start a chat from your browser.
Provides a list of trusted resellers.
Give you the ability to preview Rooms/Furniture/Poses.
View a random homepage.
Easily view what's derived from a product.
Easily view your latest outfits.
Quick links to neighbourhoods.
User tools.

Dev Toolbar with;
Ability to show/hide individual toolbar items.
Links to learning materials and resources.
Page creation and customisation tools.
Links to support groups.
Links to useful tools.
Product tools menu.
A tutorials menu.
Reports menu.

and more.

Features are optional, toolbars and individual menus can be hidden completely.

My IMFU is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with IMVU Inc. in any way.

Download files:


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