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onekey close, minimize on 'close'


  • Some reports say this add-on doesn't support Firefox 40.x on windows 10, I haven't test it. so be careful if you want to update your firefox to 40.x !!
  • Though I've tested firefox 40.x on Windows 7 and MAC OS X 10.9.5 and it works fine. I haven't find out why but I guess it is caused by some changes firefox team made so firefox runs more native on windows 10.

  • -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Firefox launchs pretty slow (well, this might be improved cause I found version31 starts fast on my new computer running Windows7 X64,my laptop running Linux wasn't that lucky), the simplest solution is never let Firefox QUIT .
    This add-on can prevent firefox from quiting if you click the Close button.
    And with a useful feature:close all tabs on Esc (Delete) pressed.


  • Minimizes on startup.
  • minimize if you hit the Close button.
  • Close all tabs of current window instant and open a new tab (or your home page,a blank page..)and then minimize after you hit the Close button.
  • Close current tab when you pressed the ESC (Delete) key.
  • Close all tabs and open a new tab(or your home, or a blank page) when you pressed the ESC (Delete) key.
  • it might not work on few websites,e.g. Twitter, flash vidoe page.. you can use Delete to replace ESC (i.e, Delete and Esc both works, but only on version 1.4.1)

  • The application only minimize on some close-events. For example, if you close it by pressing the "X" button it'll just minimize, however if you close it with "File > Quit" it is closed normally.
  • The application minimizes on close only if it's not already minimized. If it's minimized and you close it, it'll close normally.

  • About the wired "save" button

  • this button is only for saving the option next to it
  • why ? because this option will alter firefox's settings (about:config), it has to be done separately, configuration dialog's ok button can't save it
  • tbt, I'm just lazy, I don't want to rewrite the dialog and add javascript... but, if I change the whole codes, it'll be bad to performance, cause I need to do lots of variable operations.

  • if you choose close all tabs when you click "close"button or Esc (Delete) , there'll be NO WARNINGS when you trigger the events . So use it CAREFULLY , you might lose all your hard work !

  • Issues:
  • this add-on can't detective how many instance of broswer are opened, so if you have multiple instance and want to close one of them, hit the "Close" button is NOT gonna finish that, you'll have to use Ctrl+W to close all tabs so broswer will quit when tab number reaches 0

  • Download files:


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