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Minimize On Start and Close


In Windows 7 the taskbar went through an extensive makeover. The default taskbar now combines the old Quick Launch bar and how many people used the system tray (e.g. MinimizeToTray-extension) with the old taskbar. Since you now often would like your applications to minimize to the taskbar rather than to the system tray, the otherwise excellent MinimizeToTray-extension really doesn’t make the trick in Windows 7.

Minimize On Start and Close does just that! When the application is started it instantly gets minimized to the taskbar and when you close it minimizes instead.

Minimize On Start and Close is made with Windows 7 in mind, however it should work on any OS.

Some users have experienced problems when minimizing on startup. If the window never minimizes or pops up again after a second it's probably due to that the application had not fully loaded when the minimize event were triggered. Try to increase the "Delay on start (ms)" option. The default (100 ms) works for most users, however if there is a lot of start-up applications or your computer is slow you might want to increase it (1000 ms should work for everyone but try getting it as low as possible). Users with super fast computers could try to lower it a bit.

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