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Fb Profile Visitor




Fb Profile Visitor is an extension made by me - "Prince Soni".This extension shows the user - their profile visitor. It also shows the date
and time of the visitor.

Since I cannot access Facebook database because it'll violet there terms and condition I have used an open source application, Firefox
so that I can freely modify it.

So my aim was to create an extension which facebook CANNOT BANNED. facebook was created in 2004. But still there is no feature to check recent profile visitor
Orkut have it but facebook doesn't. So I want to create one which doesn't even violet facebook terms and condition but still can show recent Profile visitors

I would be pleased to provide it to you. You can also download it from firefox extension website.

This extension is a firefox extension so it'll only run under firefox.

I have accessed Facebook Profiles using firefox cookie. Within Cookie Firefox stores credentials information like username, password, facebook profiles etc.

1. Mozilla Firefox ( any version which supports extension )
2. Mozilla Firefox 16, 32 or 64 bit.
2. Cookie Should be enabled.


1. Users are displayed in a table of 10 rows and two columns So this extension can display 10 users
in two column structure, 5 in each column.

2. Layout, Marking of text is done using HTML language.

3. GUI (Graphical user Interface) is design in CSS language

4. Java Script has been used for adding interactivity to document

5. Using cookies I have obtained user id, user profile pic,date and time when this user data was stored within database.

6. At the bottom within footer I have displayed the latest Facebook Profile Visitors( Those
who have installed this extension but are not yet your friend).

7. Nice icon, placed within the facebook header so it looks like it's been integrated within facebook


1. Facebook profile visitor is an extension which reads data from cookie created by firefox.

2. When User click on pic of visitors shown by this extension the browser takes you to the profile page of that user. It does this
by simply directing browser to https://www.facebook.com/[id of the user]

3. Hover the mouse over profile pic of any user and you'll see preview of profile pic of that user. This effect is achieved using JScript, CSS.

4. Footer - displays new Facebook profile Visitors which are not yet your friend but are using
this extension

5. Title bar - Contains
a. Help - When clicked will direct you to Facebook official page of this extension .
b. Refresh - Will refresh the GUI and the database it's showing.
C. Close - Will Close the extension.

This extension is open source. Yes you heard it right. I'm making this extension open source. It took me 3000 lines of coding to make this extension
Let's see how much development, can you do now. I'll soon be releasing it to Guthub and Source Forge.

As a coder I have created it for you to get it contact me at my
gmail id - [email protected]
facebook id - https://www.facebook.com/prince.soni3333

Download files:


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