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Browser-Bible: xulsword


A feature packed Bible program, with easy access to 100s of freely available SWORD compatible Bibles, reference books, dictionaries, and more, from over 100 languages. This Add-On allows you to learn and enjoy interacting with the Bible in many different ways- from studying parallel texts and original language meanings with Strong's tags, to listening to audio renditions, and much more.

Click on the Bible toolbar icon to invoke the add-on. The first time that the add-on is invoked, you will be asked for permission to download a binary executable which has not been approved by AMO. In order to be able to use the add-on to read SWORD modules you will need to agree to this download.

This add-on uses Crosswire’s open source SWORD technology, making a wide range of Bibles, Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, glossaries, and other material available. To download material, press F2, or select "Add New Module" under the File menu. Choose the language and, select from the list of modules displayed, and click on the download button on the right. The very first module downloaded after installing the Add On must be a Bible. After downloading all the desired modules, click on OK to load these. An internet connection is required for download, but once a module has been downloaded it can be viewed without in internet connection.

A single text can be viewed, or two or three texts may be displayed together – for example two or three different Bible translations may be viewed together, or a Bible passage may be viewed in parallel with a the relevant part of a Bible commentary. Select the number of windows using the Windows menu, and use the tabs on each window select the document to be viewed in that window. Selecting the same document in adjacent windows results in a 2 or 3 column display of the document. Note that the ‘ORIG’ tab is for original language text, and will only become active when Hebrew or Greek Biblical text is loaded.

The Bible navigator on the left of the window provides simple navigation to any chapter of the Bible. Where different Bible translations are displayed in different windows, the same passage is displayed in each window. If one window contains a Bible commentary, the relevant part is displayed.

It is easy to change the font. Selecting "Font" from the "Options" menu allows one of a 5 font sizes to be selected. For a wider range of font sizes or to change font type, either select "Fonts & Colors" rather than one of the sizes, or right click on a window and select "Font". This allows font to be set for a specific module, or as the default for all modules.

Original language, and other study features are enabled when special modules are installed. For instance, installing all the following modules will enable many special features:

There are many options to control the display of Bible text. Book, chapter and section headings can be displayed or hidden using the ‘headings’ button. Through the View menu, it is also possible to hide verse numbers. A button in each window can be used to start a new line for each verse (though some Bible translations are laid out this way anyway). The footnote and cross-reference buttons control whether footnotes and cross references are displayed within each window and marked in the Bible text (blue cross for a footnote, red cross for a cross-reference).
Some Bible translations have an associated glossary or dictionary. Words or phrases which have entries in the dictionary are underlined (unless this is disabled using the Dictionary button). Hover over the underlined text to see the dictionary entry.

Some Bible translations have associated audio modules. When downloading an audio module, you must select specific chapters to download. When viewing a chapter which has audio downloaded, the window includes an audio icon – click on this to hear the audio for that chapter.

English and Russian user interfaces are currently available (use F1 to select the language).

Other facilities provided are:

Download files:


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