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This plugin allows viewing and adding words from any websites to your personal dictionary at leengoo.com. By double-clicking with your mouse or holding Ctrl while selecting the word you can do a variety of things like the following: view all possible translations, listen to the word’s transcription, add the word to your personal dictionary, choose one of the translation variants, and add your own translation variant.
Description of plugin usage
After installing the program, go to its settings menu and select the dictionary for adding new words. If you have a single dictionary, system will select it by default during the plugin installation. You have to be logged into leengoo.com client area to be identified as a customer. After a dictionary is selected, you can begin adding words to it. This can be done in two ways: by double-clicking the word with your mouse or selecting the word while holding CTRL pressed.
You can also combine these 2 methods by selecting to add double-clicking to pressing CTRL in settings.

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