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Native MathML


Many web sites rely on MathML to display mathematical formulas but because some web engines do not support that language yet some fallback is necessary and native MathML rendering is not always used by default. This add-on tries and force web sites to switch to native MathML by performing the following action for each web page:

- Insert a CSS stylesheet to force MediaWiki in the MathML+SVG fallback mode to render its MathML output (since version 1.8).

- Insert a CSS stylesheet to force KaTeX >= 0.2 to render its MathML output (since version 1.7).

- Set a temporary MathJax menu-preference cookie (and delete it once the page is loaded) to force MathJax to use the Native MathML output.

Any MathML-aware accessible tool for Firefox/Seamonkey will be able to read the mathematics.

For web sites using MathJax, you won't have to use the MathJax menu and this will work even when that menu is disabled. Obviously, this is will greatly speed up the rendering since the remaining rendering lag will essentially only be due to MathJax loading its components, parsing equations and inserting the MathML.

Starting with version 1.4, the add-on also has some preference options to enable/disable advanced behaviors:

1) Preventing MathJax from overriding the browser user interface (zoom of formulas and context menu) in order to keep the browser native features, or those provided by other math add-ons (such as MathML Copy, MathML Zoom or MathML Font Settings)

2) Disabling MathJax's mml2jax preprocessor. This will speed up the rendering on Web sites that already use native MathML.

3) Fixing MathJax's NativeMML code to avoid some rendering and performance bugs.

It is recommended to install math fonts for best MathML rendering.

Examples of Web pages:
- Wikipedia Fourier transform
- ArXiv
- math.stackexchange
- Online derivative calculator
- CERN Document Server
- JavaScript plotting library

See also the Image to MathML add-on for an experimental add-on for web sites using raw images.

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