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BabelSheep (Cumbrianator) Button


What is it?
The BabelSheep Button extension adds a toolbar button and a right click menu option to enable translation of any text and almost any publicly accessible web page* (and subsequent web pages) into Cumbrian Dialect - a translation that is not available from Google or MicroSoft!.

The extension uses the power of www.BabelSheep.com and is based on the GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary (www.CumbrianDictionary.co.uk) - the internet's first and most popular Cumbrian dictionary having been online since 1997 and now available in paperback book worldwide.

* almost any web page
The BabelSheep is able to translate most text heavy web pages (i.e. not Flash sites), however the css on some sites may mean that the translation breaks the layout.
Please note that these are limitations within BabelSheep.com itself and not with this Firefox extension. BabelSheep.com does, however, receive periodic improvements to both the engine and the translation dictionary.
Some good sites to try are news.bbc.co.uk and cnn.com.

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