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This simple addon is simply made to load a set of site links. You can add multi site links and set the loading interval. By default, the loading interval is set to one second.
You can add multi site links in the textbox (Please notice that each link should be in a row, which means they are seperated by the Enter key). Then you can hit the '保存文本框中的链接' button to save the input links to your lovely firefox. Right after you hit the button, you can see your links are displayed in the addon panel. You can also just hit the '打开文本框中的链接' button to just temporarily open these links in your cute firefox. If you hit the '删除已保存的链接' button, you will clear all your saved links in the firefox and see there is no links displayed in the panel. Each saved link displayed in the panel has a button closed to it. The button is used to remove the link from your browser. The loading interval setting is at the bottom of the panel, you can specify how many seconds you want to set as your loading interval.
The purpose of making this simple addon is that i want to open like 20 links which are my daily visiting websites at a time. I just need to open those links once a day to do some boring stuff, such as checking in to get some virtual points...But putting these links in a bookmark folder and open the whole folder in the browser is not quite a smart choice, so I made this addon to meet my need. At first I just use it myself, one day it hits me that maybe I can submit it and let those who may need this kind of funcion use it.
Again, it's a very simple addon, it may have some issues and need improvements. If you guys have some suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me. Email: [email protected]

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