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Goatbox for BTC-e


This unofficial extension for btc-e.com's chatbox lets you hide, or just shrink the font size of, messages from annoying users. You can also filter out messages according to their content; get rid of foul language, scam-coin names, and so on.

There are often intelligent users in the chatbox, but all that good content is surrounded by garbage. There is enough offensive language, and alarmist screams of "Sell everything! Crash!" that many refer to the chatbox as "the trollbox." Goatbox takes some of the troll out of the trollbox.

It also allows you to make it larger, if you haven't yet gone blind :)

Other features:

- Pressing "up arrow" on the keyboard now brings back your previous messages and commands. (Thanks to user obelisk79 for the suggestion)

- "Backtrack" feature lets you view previous messages from a user, or search on trollboxarchive or dcaz.net (Do not use this feature if you do not trust these sites. I've never had any cause whatsoever to suspect them of anything nasty, however I have no affiliation with either website so I cannot guarantee)

- Pause button temporarily disables chatbox filtering, this may be handy for slower computers.

- Clicking "scroll padlock" icon scrolls to bottom of chatbox

- Ability to play YouTube videos, SoundCloud audio, and view Imgur images inline. NOTE: YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD AND IMGUR ARE DISABLED BY DEFAULT. Only enable these features if you understand the security risks of allowing scripts from youtube.com/soundcloud.com to run in an iframe on btc-e.com, and Imgur images from strangers to be loaded on btc-e.com. To enable, use these commands

/goatbox play_youtube_inline=true

/goatbox play_soundcloud_inline=true

/goatbox display_imgur_inline=true

- Command to see time in NYC, CA, etc. I borrowed the idea from fengwu83's website:


- Users and messages are now placed in their own columns, for greater legibility

- Each trollbox participant's name now appears in a unique color, to make it easier to follow conversations .

- You can highlight good users, in addition to hiding bad users (trolls).

I don't demand or expect a donation, but I'll gladly accept one, if you feel so inclined. My wallet addresses are:

Bitcoin: 1PAqwszgfXaZ8UKA5t3qg8HnLNuNqzbV8Z

Litecoin: LVcHmdV2RiTmE9J6zFzy3HvDPAqD6DXwi7

Happy trading!

Download files:


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