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Forum Additive


Forum Additive lets you monitor your most important and interesting threads. A pop-up window, a sound, or a notification on your browser status-bar will alert you whenever a new reply to your thread will be available, even with new views if you want.

Forum Additive currently supports the following ForumBoards:
- vBulletin
- phpBB e phpBB XS mod
- Forum Free
- punBB
- Invision Board

Forum Additive is very easy to use and user-friendly: to monitor a thread you simply need to double-click on the thread title itself and a click-like sound will let you know that the operation was succesful.
Notice that it's possible to monitor a thread also by placing the cursor of your mouse on the line of your choice and then clicking with the right button of your mouse. From the dialogue box that will appear, choose "Forum Additive -> segui questa discussione"

With Forum Additive you'll be able to register your favourite forum if no one did it before, and vote for it!
It will let you examine the complete list of all forums listed in the database, search for the one you're interested in, leaving comments in case.

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