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eyesight check


To begin, find the eyesight check links in the options window. Light and dark links are the main pages of this extension. They have white and black backgrounds - it is recommended to use them in daytime and nighttime correspondingly.

The pages have "chrome:" URLs, because they're inside of this extension; you can bookmark them for easier access later. Version 0.07 and later contains a Ctrl+Shift+C keyboard shortcut, which takes you to a page to choose the type of eyesight check (light or dark) directly, without entering the extension's options dialog.

Click one of them and go to full screen mode [F11].

There are 4 types of symbols available: ∪, ∩, ⊂, ⊃. To signify that you recognise a symbol, press a corresponding arrow key on your keyboard.

The size of the symbols changes from 72 (biggest) to 5 (smallest). The current and the last smallest scores are shown in left bottom of the window.

Next steps
If you see fine, try to close one eye, or to change the distance, or to exercise with a different lighting. When you choose perfect conditions, you can start a daily exercise experiment.

After some time (about one week) of everyday exercise, the eye sees its best, and the score stops improving. If the "5" is unreachable, than the eye is most likely old or not healthy - then, you might think about wearing glasses or going to a doctor.

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