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Firstly - Thank you Schnüls for the brilliant logo and intro drawing! We love them..!
trails lets the user create, edit and print his own “web booklet”. The key concept of the project is the transformation of combined website fragments (texts and images) into a print medium. With a mouse click the web fragments become editable, and the booklet can be extended with personal content, notes etc.

The structure of the book layout is clean, but with enough basic flexibility to let everyone pursue his/her own design.

Visit http://thecafesociety.org/videos/trails/ for screencasts!
(Note! The latest screencast covers version 0.3.2. But no considerable functionality has been added/changed, and the same workflow should apply.)

Our main interest lies in visualizing the fragmented “Internet reading”, and we are curious to see how web travellers will develop their own design language with the help of this tool. Our aim is not only for this browser extension to serve as an Internet research assistant, for both the occasional and frequent user, but also, through the concept and the trails Public Library, will help to challenge notions of Inet pathways, and perhaps agitate and contribute to discussions.

trails was born in 2006, and although we try to keep it alive as FF is racing ahead with its version updates, new features and functionality hasn't been worked on for a while. The extension is an idea, and not 'the next big thing', and with our limited capacities it sees less and less development time. Either way, we like trails a lot, and we'd like to see it live on; join the repo and share your ideas for improvement!

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