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Secure Sanitizer


Allows secure cleaning of cache, preventing cache recovery.
Different file wiping techniques are implemented:
1) filesystem simple deletion;
2) random data overwriting;
3) 3 steps "US DoD 5220" method.
Secure wiping can be activated by usual "Clear Private Data" dialog box, or by a shortcut button in navigation bar.

NB: Firefox 3.5+ don't use sanitizer object on shutdown anymore. That's why I recommend the use of "AskForSanitize" extension when using my "Secure Sanitizer".
NB: FireFox 11.0 disables disk cache when 'Clear private data at shutdown' is enabled, but it doesn't inform you about that. "AskForSanitize" warns for this when you enable 'Clear private data at shutdown', so you can make your choice.
Of course, if you choose to disable disk cache, "Secure Sanitizer" has nothing to wipe :-)

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