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Warrior Forum Formatter


Other features include:
*- Easily/Quickly insert the forum code for any "smile" icon.

*- Easily/Quickly insert the code for bolding, italicizing or underlining a phrase!

*- Easily format your links... (links to internal threads or/and external websites)...
Select the "anchor text" ... click the 'Hyperlink' icon & place the target URL. DONE!

*- Easily format the list style that you like, VERY useful if you
are running a WSO for the forum members, and want to "itemize" some features..etc..
Allows you to chose between (Numbered List, Bullet List & Alphabetical List)

*- ALL other Forum's tags are supported: "Aligning" , "Font Colors" , "Headings" , "Font Sizes" , "Quoting"...etc..

*- You may enable/disable the right-click menu.
*- You may enable/disable the toolbar icons.

*- You may configure the toolbar to become visible ONLY when you are visiting WarriorFroum.com or display it all the time?
This is useful if you want to keep free room for other extensions which you may have...
(so you'll see the toolbar only when you are visiting this forum.)

Tamer (AKA TimTim2500)

- Auto bookmarking (any thread you like, you can bookmark it in one of 35+ websites).

- Text wrapping: automatically starting new lines at specific character limit (customizable).

- Keep phrase selected (for further styling/formatting).

- Auto Translate into one of 9 languages
(selected word/phrase or the entire page).

- Automatically delete posts from forum members that you don't like.

- Highlight specific words/phrases in any thread.

- Use marker color (one of 70 colors), to Highlight things that you like (this will be saved locally at your PC).

- Write your own notes in a side bar (click CTRL+SHIFT+F).

- Get direct links into specific post inside a thread

- Get forum's stats (in the status bar).

- Use different colors for the tabs with threads from this forum.

- Flag inappropriate posts/threads.

- Direct links to internal forum's section.

- Some minor changes and tweaks.

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