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Options Toolbar Button


* I am not updating this extension any more. If you want *
* this extension, please use my Custom Button Maker at *
* http://codefisher.org/toolbar_button/toolbar_button_maker *
* to generate the extension, maybe with a few extra buttons *
* if you want them. Options Toolbar Button is included in *
* my Toolbar Buttons extension and is updated as it is. *
* I have given Seamaiden joint ownership of this extension. *
* If she chooses to maintain it, she can. *

This is a small devision of Toolbar Buttons https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2377/ and one of the most popular on my web site.

Please don't install this if you have Toolbar Buttons. They tend to conflict, and Toolbar Buttons has this button included already.

You can find more buttons at http://codefisher.org/toolbar_button/

This one adds a toolbar button to open the Options dialog (Tools -> Options). You must add the button to your toolbar by right-clicking the toolbar, selecting "customize", and dragging this new button to the toolbar or menu bar.

The icon for this button is from the Nuvola icon set by David Vignoni.

His icons are licensed under the LGPL, and we have permission to use them in our extensions.

Download files:


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