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Rotating Tiles Picture Puzzle


A frivolous little puzzle to play. Launches either directly from the Firefox Tools menu, or by right-clicking an image on a web page. By default, a random puzzle image is shown and further random puzzles can be fetched.

The random images come from Flickr's public feed of recently uploaded pictures.

There are a number of settings on the Control Panel:

· Checking Use Folder will serve up files from your own picture collections.
· Checking Make Default will make the current folder the default for next time.
· Sequence will serve the pictures in the chosen folder in an alphabetical, or a random, order.

· Tile Size, in effect, sets the difficulty. Larger tiles are easier, smaller ones are more difficult.
· Picture Sizing will display the picture as its actual size or fit it to the browser window.
· Show Hints will tell you how many tiles still remain that need rotating into their correct position.

Go! will apply the settings.

[Try http://pixabay.com for a selection of excellent pictures.]

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