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Very simple and similar in function to Internet Explorer's color picker. Useful for finding the exact color code (RGB or Hex) of any pixel displayed on any webpage. Click on the colorPicker icon and then place your mouse over any pixel in the browser. The panel will display the color of the pixel currently under the mouse icon as well as both the RGB and Hex code of that color. Press escape to copy the CSS and HTML ready RGB or Hex code to your clipboard (select which type from the panel).

**I am not planning to update this add-on and expect it will lose compatibility with future versions of Firefox. Recommend users switch to Eyedropper (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Eyedropper) which has become a part of the built-in Firefox Developer Tools. Eyedropper works much like I designed ColorPicker. Having Firefox adopt this capability was actually one of my goals (now accomplished) and I see no need to continue maintaining this add-on.

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