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Select-and-Define Google Dictionary Worldwide


To make this addon work currently you will have to do the following after installing it:

Unfortunately Google seem to have discontinued their dictionary service to some extent. It looks like it is being transferred to Google Translate. I will have to wait until they normalize everything. However there is something you can do to get it to work again.
In Firefox if you go to Tools>Addons then click on Options for this addon you can change the "Current Google Dictionary URL"

If you are only using it to define English words then you can change the URL from:




That way any English word you select will be appended to that URL and the definition retrieved.

For all other languages including English you will need to change the URL to:


Not all languages work just yet but some do and hopefully Google will make them all work in time.

Thank you.

If you want, please post any likes/dislikes or feature requests for this add-on in the Reviews section.

*Please check my other translation addons that may offer you what you want if this one does not.

Select a word in a webpage and right click mouse and choose Check Google Dictionary to view a panel pop up with the Google definition about it. You can change in the Options menu of this addon the country of Google you want to use. This gives the ability to look up words in many languages around the world. Click outside of pop up to remove it. Double left clicking a word in a webpage can highlight it straight away, then just right click and select Check Google Dictionary to get the page inset.

This is a simple addon that really just allows speedy look up for users who are going through lots of info. A keyboard shortcut of CTRL-5 or CMD-5 has been added which can be changed in Options.

When you have the panel open with the definition of the word you can hold down CTRL-SHIFT-5, or CMD-SHIFT-5 for Mac to make the panel page open up in a new tab. As requested by users.

You can also left click and drag any link inside of the panel to your Firefox address bar and drop it in to navigate directly there.

Click anywhere outside of the pop up panel to remove it after use.

Hope you like this extension. Please review it if you have time.

Download files:


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