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MP3 Converter


MP3 Converter mozilla/firefox add on is a free extension that lets you download videos from a abundance of websites. Including youtube, facebook, daily motion, social cam, and other free sites. and then convert them into the mp3 format for free.

This is a one of a kind of add on on mozilla. Have you ever saw a video online and wanted to quickly download it and convert it to the mp3 format for free? If so this mp3 converter add on is the tool for you.

Quickly download any video that you can find on the internet and then convert it to the mp3 format absolutely free! Donations are appreciated but not needed.

We believe we have one of the most highest of quality codecs supported to convert your video files to the mp3 format. Simply navigate to the website in wish you wish to grab the mp3 audio from. Then after that hit the "convert to mp3" button with this add on.

At that point your mp3 will start to be downloaded it's just that easy!

Enjoy the use of this mp3 converter and please let us know if you see any bugs or problem while using it.

We will also support the aac format, wav format, ogg format, and the m4a format in the future. These features are currently under development right not so please bare with us!

In no time at all More audio formats will be available using our mp3 converter extension!

Download files:


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