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Link Evaluator


Link Evaluator examines both the HTTP status code and the page contents returned by each URL, and attempts to distinguish between various results, such as:

broken links
network time-outs
authentication failure, and
'incorrect/correct' content for the given URL.
This can be also applied to check the user's bookmarks. Small configuration change is required for that - see the developer comments at the end.

Here is a list of selected features that distinguish it from other Link Checkers:

1) Multi-threaded link testing (4 threads)

2) Evaluation of the whole page (not only the HTTP response code)

3) Ability to search in the linked page for two stets of (red/green-flag) phrases

4) Allows storing of customized sets of red/green-flag phrases (profiles)

5) Has a real-time control/monitor panel where the result of each link-test can be seen (url, page size, HTTP status code and status message, and the red/grren flag phrases found on the page)

6) Can test inside framesets

7) Has an enhanced algorithm for link-coloration

8) Adds "flag-phrases" info in the link tooltips

9) Stores the original tooltips and may revert to them

10) Link Evaluator is capable of detecting red- and green-flag phrases that have been embedded in special Web content for testing purposes. This "Link Evaluator-aware" content can contain flag phrases that are to be applied only to specific links or ranges of links.

11) (New - since v configurable filter of links NOT to be tested.

Link Evaluator can be used not only to check for broken/bad links but it can also be used for a simple analysis of the links' content without even clicking on them.

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