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BarTab Lite X


This is a fork of philiKON's BarTab Lite.
Read original description below. But please note: this is valid for startup only!

Like BarTab for Firefox 3.x, but with less features. This just keeps your tabs from loading (via the now built-in hook in Firefox) and styles the not yet loaded tabs in the manner familiar to BarTab users.

Restartless add-on: enable it and it will be on, disable it and it will be off. Pretty simple, eh?

Comparison with BarTab, BarTab Lite and Firefox

For the heavy weighted BarTab please check philikon's fork network on GitHub!

PLEASE NOTE the incompatiblity with TMP's Session save feature!
As Vlinni pointed out:
Not compatible with Tab Mix Plus's Session saving feature. If Tab Mix Plus's Session saver is enabled, all the tabs will load; a quick restart of FF will bypass this.

Another workaround is to install Morac's Session Manager.

Download files:


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