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Onload Script Some Document Files


Run an external onload script for some documents. Intentionally limited to file URI scheme.

Made to allow processing without need for script reference and onload attribute in the document itself.

First use has been as Adj framework processor for SVG documents. It helps making workflow more passable.

Provides an option to limit operation to URIs matching a regular expression, to avoid unintended runs.
Provides an option to set script name, relative or absolute.
Provides an option to set onload script fragment.
Provides info in Error Console, if you care to look there.

Use for SVG documents may have required implementation to use somewhat different techniques than use for HTML documents would have allowed or required.

Designed specifically for use with https://github.com/srguiwiz/adj-js
as illustrated http://srguiwiz.github.com/adj-js/user-docs/#example-workflow

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