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Save Back to File from DOM


Save back a file URI scheme document, but save from DOM, which means it would save changes effected by JavaScript.

Made to allow Gecko (notably in Firefox) to be a JavaScript engine helper application, helping out other (source) editors that cannot run JavaScript themselves.

Provides an icon in the Add-on Bar. Can be hidden to reduce unintended saves.
Provides an item in the context menu only if file URI scheme.
Provides an option to limit operation to URIs matching a regular expression, to avoid unintended saves.
Provides info in Error Console, if you care to look there.

A couple nice SVG example files to try out with linked from http://srguiwiz.github.com/save-back-xpi/save-back-examples.html

Designed specifically for use with https://github.com/srguiwiz/adj-js
as illustrated http://srguiwiz.github.com/adj-js/user-docs/#example-workflow

Recently seen working for page text edited in Firefox via contenteditable="true".

Since Firefox 57 replaced with newer https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/download-serialized-dom/

Download files:


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