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Droid Manager


Manage your location based notes from anywhere on your iPhone or PC. Stream notes, links, videos, locations and much more directly from your browser to the iPhone and vice versa.
*Location-based Organizer
The Droid Manager reminds you of the notes that you have filed for a place.
You have to do a few things in the city? Once you're there, the Droid Manager remember your duties.

*Micro Network Coordinator
You can add more devices to your Droid Account Manager and keep them always in view. Use the stream Messenger for text messages, YouTube videos, links, and map positions send as push notification.

*Firefox Add-on

Droid Manager connects your smartphone to your computer - and vice versa. If you want to send a web page, a location or a note to your phone, use the Droid manager plugin - easily only with one click.

If you have an idea that makes the Droid Manager better or simply enter your feedback, use our forum or send an e-mail to [email protected]-manager.com. Thank You!

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