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Hover Nofollow


Hover Nofollow is a free add-on and extension for Mozilla Firefox. It allows site webmasters, administrators, web designers, link builders and SEO Auditors to view whether or not the link is follow or nofollow by simply hovering over the link.

This add-on is extremely lite and runs in the background, you will not find any additions to your ever growing status bar and action bars. It works by adding a style sheet to the header of each page and overriding the current values of the Cascade Style Sheet by enforcing a “a:hover {value!important}.

Unlike other dofollow and nofollow extensions found within the Mozilla Firefox Extension Library, Hover Nofollow works only when you hover over a link, therefor keeping your pages looking clean and free to surf without annoying blocks, and fixed color on dofollow and nofollow links.

Discovering a do follow link couldn’t be any easier, simply reveal a green background for a link without rel=”nofollow” and should you encounter an actual nofollow link then the background will turn red.

This extension works on text links, img links, span links and div links with background styling, in other words if it’s a link this add-on will be able to inform you of the link attribute used.

IMPORTANT SEO NOTICE: It’s always best to aim for a diverse link profile, having 1,000’s of follows with only a handful of nofollows will likely cause your site to receive a SEO penalty for trying to manipulate the search results. Nofollows, are still good! Also, think about your anchor text diversity as that is just as important.

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