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Developed in Monster Labs, this extension allows straight forward searching from any web page in Monster's large database of jobs. By integrating a direct search option in the right-click menu of your Firefox browser you'll be able to look for any combination of words present in the page you are reading.

You can customize your search, by stating which site of Monster to look in (monster.com, monster.co.uk ...), where the job should be located and what keywords do you want to append to every search.

You are searching for a job? While surfing about any topic, in every page you go, you'll be just a click away of job offers for whatever info you find.
You are reading an interesting article about this company setting up a new business center in your city? Highlight the company name and you'll see what job openings they have in your city.
You just saw an article about this profession, and it sounded cool? Maybe you want to see how much they offer for those jobs, or how a job offer for that profession looks like? Maybe you want to see if there a lot of offer for traffic controllers professionals. Highlight "traffic controller" and you'll be able to see that in Monster.

The extension has the following features:

· Highlight a text and search in Monster.com for job offers with that employer, or with those words in the offer.
· Customize your search by site or location.
· Add additional keywords to every search you realize with Percula.
· Before actually having to perform the search, know how many results the search will deliver.
· Translated to German, Spanish, Finish, French and Russian.

To contact the author, use the email address gerardo DOT robledillo AT monster DOT com.

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