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Chinup - Chinese Popup Translator


Chinese Pop Up Extension
Hold your mouse over a Chinese word and get an instant translation with pinyin pronunciation. Can also analyse a whole page to help with learning new vocabulary.

To start the translator click the Chinup button and wait for the dictionary to load. You can then read Chinese websites by simply moving your mouse over the words. You can stop the translator at any time by clicking the stop button. If you would like a list of all the words on the page in a printable format just click the analyse button. This can be useful for people who are learning Chinese who would like to study a pages vocabulary.
The analyse page lists all words along with their number of occurrences, Traditional counterpart, pinyin and of course English.

If you have any ideas to make this extension better please let me know. For the next release I plan to get it working with Traditional Chinese as well as highlight the words under the mouse.

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