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Mevoked Toolbar


Mevoked is a platform where users can react, share and discover content in an expressive and intuitive environment. Social feeds are broken and we believe emotional tagging can enhance discovery and content consumption.

Why use Mevoked?
We believe that emotions play a large role in how we consume the web. We at Mevoked have developed a platform where users can react, share and discover content through emotional responses. By expanding beyond the “Like” and the “+1”’s our platform will create a more expressive experience for our users.

How do I use Mevoked?
- Install Mevoked
- Login through Facebook or sign up through www.mevoked.com
- Mark content by the emotions they make you feel. Mark upto three emotions
- Share with preloaded messages on both Twitter & Facebook
- Click on the Next Article button to browse articles that match your mood! The more you tag the better it will get!
- View your history by emotion!
- Discover content at our newly redesigned site @ www.mevoked.com

What makes Mevoked so unique?
Mevoked allows users to tag content with seven basic emotions. You can tag content with multiple emotions upto a total of three. Once content is tagged this will stream (anonymously) at www.mevoked.com. You can log into the toolbar either through Facebook, through Mevoked.com or anonymously! By using Mevoked you will have a more expressive experience with the internet and help us create a more intuitive web experience.

We do not use any personal information from your browser. We only capture content you have tagged. At Mevoked we take pride in our privacy policy and will never compromise that. You can email me personally at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Thanks for using Mevoked! Feel the Internet.

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