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The Most Unnecessary Firefox Add-on V 1.0


Are you tired of working heavily, sitting for hours and hours which feel like days at your computer, doing tedious or brain-crushing tasks?

The Most Unnecessary Firefox Add-On is a very tiny extension that doesn't do more than showing an icon in the bottom right corner. And when you click it, a bird appears. And it cheeps, if clicked. That's all. This bird has proven to be a real relief for anyone who is working heavily.

Live your life right. Life is not work. Don't be mainstream. Let the bird cheep. Be unnecessary.

P.S: Please don't be angry with the bird because he's got four legs. It's not easy for him, either :(

NOTE: If you do not see the icon in the bottom right corner, this might mean that your add-on bar is disabled. You can enable (and disable) it by pressing CTRL and /.

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