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Sort Tabs Command


Adds a command in the Firefox Command Line (Shift + F2) to easily and quickly sort tabs.

You can sort either all of the non-pinned tabs that are visible (i.e. are in your visible tab group), or can provide a regular expression, so that only the tabs with their url matching that regular expression will be sorted.

Normal usage:
>> sorttabs
[urlPart] [reverse]

Reverse sorting:
>> sorttabs '' true
>> sorttabs --reverse

Sorting only specific tabs
>> sorttabs '(face|bugzilla)?[0-9]{3,}'
The above will match any url containing the text 'face' ot 'bugzilla' or having atleast 3 continuous numbers.

Note: Although the Command line is present in Firefox 15, it is disabled by default. Please go to about:config and set devtools.toolbar.enabled to true

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