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Symbolab Quick Search


This extension allows you to initiate a Symbolab equation search by clicking any equation on selected sites (i.e. Wikipedia).

Symbolab Quick Search:
Symbolab introduces a breakthrough in search technology by enabling search and discovery of scientific content, offering a semantic search engine for math & science. Symbolab's goal is to make scientific content universally accessible. We do that by expanding the searchable data space onto scientific notations, expressions, equations and formulas.

Symbolab provides browser Quick Search extensions for Chrome and Firefox in order to simplify your search experience. After installing Quick Search you will notice the Symbolab icon next to every scientific content in selected sites. Simply press the icon to Quick Search for that content on the Symbolab website.

The sites we currently support are: Wikipedia, Wikibooks, StackExchange, MathOverflow. More sites will be supported shortly, stay tuned or suggest us new sites via [email protected]

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