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Greasemonkey Shared Script Folder


Improvement Greasemonkey Add-On (based on version 0.922)
- Configuration Functionality for User Scripts outside Profile Folder (e.g. in DropBox Folder to share scripts between several PCs)


1) Configurable Script Folder (CSF))
The original Greasemonkey Add-On stores user scripts within the Firefox profile in a hard-coded folder: 'gm_scripts'. While this is feasible for most users, some users might desire to share scripts between several instances of Firefox on different PCs(e.g. user script was installed on the Firefox Browser in office and now it is desired to use the same script on the home PC).
Greasemonkey CSF provides this opportunity by selecting a folder for user scripts somewhere on the PC (e.g. under the Dropbox folder as shown in the sceenshots). For that purpose the Option GUI was extended accordingly. Alternatively the user could also change the value of two configuration parameters:
- greasemonkey.scriptdir: Sets folder for user scripts on Wuindows PC
- greasemonkey.scriptdirdefault: Toggles default behaviour of Greasemonkey (Script Folder 'gm_scripts' under Firefox Profile) on or off. If set to true greasemonkey.scriptdir does not have any effect on the configuration
After each folder configuration change a restart of the browser is required to let the change become effective.

2) User Script Sub Folders
As an additional feature this Add-On supports the installation of user scripts under an arbitrary number of subfolders under the script folder (the original Greasemonkey Add-On only supports one sub folder under which the user script is stored). This allows additional organisation of user scripts within additional subfolders (e.g. all Greasemonkey scripts for Google can be stored under a \Google subfolder).
In the current version the 'config.xml' file has to be adapted accordingly as this example shows:
The script Docs_Online_Viewer is installed under:
E:\Data\SHARED\Dropbox\APPLICATION\STANDARD\Firefox\Extensions\Greasemonkey\Scripts\SEARCH ENGINES\Google\Docs_Online_Viewer
(E:\Data\SHARED\Dropbox\APPLICATION\STANDARD\Firefox\Extensions\Greasemonkey\Scripts\ is the configured script folder)
==> config.xml entry:
<Script basedir="SEARCH ENGINES\Google\Docs_Online_Viewer" checkRemoteUpdates="true" dependhash="da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709" description="Open online PDF,DOC,DOCX,XLS,PPT,RTF,ODT,ODS,ODP,CSV etc. files using Google Docs &amp; Zoho Viewer." enabled="true" filename="127774.user.js" installTime="1344612172636" lastUpdateCheck="1344612169593" modified="1341574508716" name="Docs Online Viewer" namespace="&lt;a href=" https:="" outgoing.prod.mozaws.net="" v1="" 5c681ef3316bf0f5f1b74a502ff8dfb0bb20c48f1bce487dd336a8458a5ed617="" http%3A="" adeekshith.blogspot.com"="" rel="nofollow">http://adeekshith.blogspot.com" runAt="document-end" updateAvailable="false" version="2.0.1" installurl="file:///D:/Scripts/Greasemonkey/Docs_Online_Viewer/127774.user.js" updateurl="file:///D:/Scripts/Greasemonkey/Docs_Online_Viewer/127774.user.js">
It is planned that future versions of this Add-On will include additional GUI functionality to support this new functionality on installation of a new user script.

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