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Tabulous is meant to be a plugin that will save you days and days of remembering what information you read where, and at which line.
It comprises of several tabs and buttons, easy to use.
The top bar features a search function on the left, and a menu on the right.
The right menu bar comprises of :
- Grid - shows all the images of the saved tabs, clicking on one will load up the page
- Calendar - shows how many tabs were saved each day, click one will show the tabs saved that specific day
- Details - shows information about all the tabs, allowing you to save notes per tab, or actually deleting tabs
- Recycle bin - allows you to permanently delete tabs or restore them
- Tools - gives you the ability to export and re-import tabulouses, or export tabulouses as an HTML file
- About - credits to former and current developers

The addon also features 2 toolbar buttons that ease saving and loading saved tabulouses.

Download files:


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