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Many websites update their content automatically. This add-on allows you to select website elements you'd like to watch for a change. Just keep the web page open (running in the background or minimized, if you like) and you will receive a desktop notification when the selected element's content changes.

Works especially well if you are using a google spreadsheet, for example, and waiting for a collaborator to update a cell. Just put a watch on the cell you are interested in, and you'll get a notification when your collaborator changes its content.

Set a watch on a list of the latest headlines, on a stock price, on the current weather in your area, on the currently playing song title and artist name in your internet radio site. The possibilities are endless, so long as you can find a webpage that updates the content you are interested in automatically.

When listening to music on Pandora® internet radio (www.pandora.com) or iHeartRadio (www.iheart.com), a notification is automatically sent when a new song starts playing with the song title, artist name, and album or station title. These automatic notifications can be disabled from the add-on's preferences in Firefox's Add-ons Manager. (Pandora is a registered trademark of Pandora Media Inc., with which this add-on has no affiliation).

This addon requires a desktop notification program for OS X like Growl and for Linux like libnotify. In some Linux builds, like Ubuntu, Firefox uses its own notification system rather than the OS's.


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