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Orkut Helper


NOTE: This add-on is no longer being actively developed. This is because of the continuously changing orkut layout. However some features may still continue to work. Hence I have still kept this add-on for download.

☺ View "My Scrapbook" Link On Each Of Orkut Pages, Not just On Your Profile/Home Pages.

☺ "View Scrapbook" Link In Front Of Profile Link, so that you can go to their scrapbook, without going to their profile.
☺ "View Album" Link In Front Of Profile Link
☺ "View Message" Link In Front Of Profile Link

☺ "View Community Topics" Link In Front Of Community Link
☺ "View Community Events" Link In Front Of Community Link
☺ "View Community Members" Link In Front Of Community Link

☺ Copy Smileys within the scraps/posts so that you can copy Entire scrap/post, including the smileys [:)]
☺ Replace Orkut Smileys With Animated Smileys. Don't you think, the orkut smileys are static images, would you not like some 'animated' smileys.

☺ Replace The Links In Scraps/Posts Which Point To Images By Their Corresponding Images. So that you don't have to click the link to view the images.
☺ Replace Links To SWFs By Their Corresponding SWFs.

& above all, each of these feature can be turned on or off individually.

☺Also You Can Right Click On Any Profile Link To Go To Scrapbook/Album/'Send Message' (& others) pages of any Profile.

☺You Can Right Click On Any Community Link To Go To Members/Topics/Events (& others) pages of any Community.

☺You Can Search Within Your (or in general anyone's) scrapbook.

☺Similarly You Can Search for a Topic within community topics or a Post in a community topic. or u can also search within messages...

☺You can send a common scrap to all of your (or in general any profile's) friends or members of any community...

☺Remove Google Ads From Orkut Pages...

☺New Scrap Alert...

☺Copy With Formatting; Copy all your scraps/posts with formatting, like bold/italics/underline/colors etc.

☺Automatically Reload The Pages With "No Donuts For You"... (Beta)

☺Orkut Helper Toolbar

☺Support for typing in Indian languages

1)PLEASE read FAQ on the official community
2)If that does not solve your problem, scrap me, so that I can help you, rather than reporting it here.

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