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Semantic Radar


Displays a status bar icon to indicate presence of Semantic Web (RDF) data in the web page. Click icons to explore this information in more detail.

Note: the status bar has been removed in Firefox 4.0 (and Semantic Radar uses it to display information). In order to use the Semantic Radar, Firefox 4.0 users will also need to install the Status-4-Evar extension.

Semantic Radar recognizes all RDF content (pointed to by autodiscovery liks) and displays custom icons to indicate presence of the following data:
- FOAF (Friend-Of-A-Friend)
- SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities)
- DOAP (Description Of A Project)
- RDFa (RDF embedded in XHTML)

To try it out:
- go to any LiveJournal page and the FOAF icon should appear
- go to http://www.wikier.org/ to see more than one type of RDF data present (FOAF, SIOC and RDFa).

You can go to this extension's options menu and choose the browser to use for displaying the data. Three options are available:
- SIOC RDF Browser (user-friendly view of RDF data)
- raw RDF (useful if you have the Tabulator extension installed)
- specify a custom browser URL
For FOAF data type you can also choose the FOAF Explorer.

Plus: Collaboratively discover the Web 3.0 (web of data) by informing ping.semanticweb.org about new data found.

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