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Awesome Search Extension


Awesome Search Extension

Type "F Mo" (or instead Mo an other folder name, for example "F Foo") in the URL Bar for an example to use it.

I am very sorry that there are still some problems with change settings. Some will only changed in new Firefox windows. I have correct this and there will be a new fixed version available soon.

By following this link you will get a short demo:

A donation is recommended and greatly appreciated. This would help in supporting and adding intended new features (see some suggestions at the bottom of this description) to this Add-on.

"Awesome Search Extension" will increase options using Firefox. There are new ways to use the url bar, bookmarks, library and much more.

These are the main features: You be enabled to search for folder names, tag names, within title and url or content of open tabs, and you will also get enhanced features on search results of the url bar like showing and navigating through folders and tags containing the site url, visiting times and visited sites of the domain.

Disable Add-on without restarting Firefox

You can disable or enable the Add-on function without restarting. The buttons and other elements remain visible. Within settings you find

Search > Position > Option "enable / disable" checkbox "use search"

You can disable respectively enable the Add-on by unchecking or checking the box without restart.

Search in url bar / library

Supported elements:

There are different positions to start the search and displaying search results:

There are several ways to use the results:

Extended navigation on results of url bar search (context menu)

Clicking the results (bookmarks and chronic pages) via right mouse button opens a context menu containing folder / tags of the bookmark, visiting times and visited sites of the domain.

There are several ways to use this context menu:

Extended navigation on links or url of displayed page (context menu)

You can also expand the url of the actual tab (by context menu of identity icon or page) or links of the actual page the same way (described above) by a submenu of the context menu.
Therefore you can speed up browsing through folder, tags, visiting times or visited sites of domain.

Planned features

Below you may find a list of intended additional features.
You are welcome to send me your feedback and suggestions.
By donating, your wishes may have higher priority for me.

Download files:


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