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Click Reader


ClickReader was created to provide a simple yet effective reading tool for sighted individuals who have a reading disability such as dyslexia or who otherwise have difficulty reading English text on a web page.

Watch a video of ClickReader at: http://youtu.be/FmEntPHwd0o

ClickReader is designed to read aloud the content of a webpage by using existing text to speech libraries that come standard with different operating systems(Windows, Mac OS X). This is accomplished in two different ways. The first is an auto-reading mode which, when activated will begin to automatically read the webpage. When this mode is active, the user can change the selection being read by clicking on another element in the page or by using one of several different shortcut keys. The second mode of ClickReader is designed to read only the currently selected element on the page. In order to use this mode, the user must first highlight an element by using either the mouse or the keyboard.

ClickReader is based on the work of two other projects. The majority of the code comes from the CLiCk Speak add-on originally developed under an open source license by Charles Chen and includes several enhancements from Central Washington University’s P.T. Reader add-on (also based on CLiCk Speak).

ClickReader actually installs three separate extensions, CLC-4-TTS, CLC-Utilities and ClickReader. All of these are required for it to work properly.

**If you have an older version of ClickReader installed, make sure that you manually uninstall the old versions of CLC-4-TTS, CLC-Utilities and ClickReader before installing the new version. Go to Tools > Add-Ons and click on the Remove button next to each add-on.

**Since this add-on must be recompiled for each new version of Firefox, it is not forward or backward compatible. Please check back on the Mozilla Add-ons site after upgrading to the latest version of Firefox to ensure compatibility.**

**ClickReader may not be able to read dynamic pages, such as Google Docs, Gmail, etc**

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