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Whether you’re microblogging (Twitter, Yammer, Socialcast, etc), URL sharing (Delicious, Diigo, etc), or sharing your content over the web (Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, etc)… Flimby does it all!

Use Flimby's advanced privacy controls to share anything, anywhere, to anyone. The bread and butter of Blasts is what’s called a “Live Blast”. A Live Blast is a very unique co-browsing experience that allows you share a Web Browsing session with the people or groups you’re connected to, and there is NO limit to the number of followers.

All of this is available as both a browser app and a mobile app (www.Flimby.com). And sure, it’s cool that Smart Phones these days can multi-task, but why would you have 5+ apps running to do everything that Flimby does at once? Just Blast it!

FAMILY - Create a Family Group, get everyone to join, and start Blasting Messages, Websites, Photos and more! Even better, start a Live Blast and have everyone viewing pictures from your recent trip that you just posted on Flickr.

FRIENDS - Send a Blast to one friend, two friends, or every friend you have with Flimby's advanced privacy controls. Once you Blast a message or a funny website, message back and forth on the thread.

BUSINESS (our story) - We used to be diehard Yammer users for our internal communication tool... but, it just wasn't working for us. Sure, it was "free" at first, but working with contractors, consultants, and even family and friends instantly racked up the $5/user/month charge to $100s/month. Our solution: Flimby.
Then we focused on the fact that we were paying $99/month for GoToWebinar, and it was limited to only 100 attendees. We wanted to provide (and use) a tool that: 1) was FREE, 2) had an UNLIMITED amount of attendees, and 3) worked for Businesses and Families alike. Our solution: Flimby.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE... (thank you ShamWow guy)

Download the App and create a PowerPoint Blast. Our app will convert your PowerPoint to URLs and allow you to share a business presentation with an INFINITE amount of Followers... all for FREE! You can even lead a Live Blast from your mobile device, and that's something money can't buy with GoToMeeting, WebEx and everyone else in the Webinar space.

Flimby will soon be available on the following platforms:

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari
Mobile: Android, Windows Phone

Stay tuned!

Download files:


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