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If you have problems updating the extension, remove it completely and make fresh install.

Formlet is Firefox extension for saving form data to bookmarklets.

It was inspired by Form Saver, which unfortunately does not work since Firefox 4.x. While Formlet is completly new and independent extension, the basic idea has been preserved - forms data is saved as autofilling bookmarklets.

Why another form filler?

At Mozilla Addons you can find plenty of form fillers (eg, Autofill Forms, AutoFormer etc). But personally I liked the simplicity of Form Saver, which was saving form data to a simple bookmark. It is sufficient for form testing and does not require complicated configuration. What's more - bookmarklets created in this way will work also in other browsers!

How it works

  1. Fill out a form.
  2. Right click on it and select "Save form with Formlet" from context menu
  3. Confirmation notification will be show
  4. Find bookmark and click it
  5. Bookmark will fill the form with saved data.

Download files:


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