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FXTROLL is an addon linked to a user’s account in FXTROLL – a Forex trading platform. FXTROLL addon uses account for FXTROLL and displays read-only trading status of the trader while he or she is browsing the Internet. Please, go to http://registration.sysfx.com/170/regboot170_INFINITY.html to create a demo account and try FXTROLL for free, including Web-based and mobile versions of the application.

FXTROLL is displayed as a panel at the top or the bottom of the Firefox window and shows user the following information without starting an actual trading platform:
- Selected instruments’ dealing rates
- Trader’s accounts’ balance, Net P/L, equity, used margin, number of open positions and currently active orders

Select the currency pairs you would like to follow and the information update frequency to always receive the most recent data about your accounts.

Note: in order to perform actual trading operations, trader needs to launch the FXTROLL application. In addition, an easy access to ActWebTrader – a fully functional web-based trading platform, is available from the addon.

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