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Bookmark POST


As the summary says, with this add-on you can save bookmarks whose opening will be performed using an HTTP POST request (with their corresponding data, obviously)

Please note this add-on is atomically designed, i.e. it does not provides new fancy methods to add bookmarks, it uses what is already available in the browser, so that it's as lightweight as possible.

To instruct a bookmark to be opened through a POST channel you just have to add POSTDATA={str} on the description field (check screenshot(s)) where as you can guess {str} is the POST data to be sent to the server (additional required headers like the content-length or content-type are automatically added)

Note you can still use the description field normally, just what is beyond the POSTDATA= tag will be used as the data sent to the server.

For example, this is a valid description:

"This site gives up to date drivers downloads. POSTDATA=item=23&folder=2&os=win"

In case you wonder how to obtain that POST data, there are several add-ons which allows you to examine Request/Response HTTP Headers, like TamperData.

If you have some doubt, don't hesitate to ask.

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