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Find Button


Update: This functionality is now built into Firefox. To further improve Find features I recommend Findbar Tweak. I will leave this here for those who wish to keep using it and hope to find the time to add more features to it one day!

Find Button is a minimal Firefox extension that adds a button to open and close the FindBar. Find Button is added to the Navigation Toolbar on installation; this was required to get full approval from Mozilla. I recommend moving it to the left side of the Add-on Bar (see screenshots above) so that it is immediately adjacent to the FindBar:

  1. Restart Firefox after installing Find Button
  2. Right-click on a toolbar and make sure that Add-on Bar is ticked
  3. Right-click on a toolbar and select Customize
  4. Drag the Find Button from the right side of the Navigation Bar to the left side of the Add-on Bar and click Done on the Customize Toolbar dialog.
Tip: If a word is highlighted on a page before opening the FindBar, then that word will be used to populate the FindBar text box. This is the default behaviour for the Find command in Firefox.

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