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Mar Mod Updated


UPDATE: I've just received an email from Mozilla saying this addon is incompatible with Firefox 14 due to one of the features being removed. Now I'm not much of an addon developer, but I'll be sure to try and update this in about 2 weeks time as I'm busy till then!

Note: This addon was originally made by mitezuss (based on some other addons) and not updated since. There were some bugs, which he's provided fixes for, which I added to this version, and I only added an incomplete Dutch language, and finally I added some extra options for the new tab pages introduced in version 13. Outside that, all copyright goes to their respectful owners.

The features that this addon has:

* Icons: adds icons to the menu's.

* Favicon: Allows you to customize the icon of the markers.

* Browsing: Adds the option to undo closed tabs with scroll button (clicking on the tab-bar).
Add a drop marker to the combined back/forward button.
Add the RSS button in the address bar.
Select which page will be opened on the new tab.
Add a button on the toolbar to switch to private browsing.

* Appearance: Show the statusbar in the toolbar.
Change the look of the button's title firefox.
Add the option to restart in the menu title.
Show the size of the file to download in the "save as".

* Add-on: Displays a new menu called "Addon" within "Firefox botton" allowing the quick access to your extensions.
Checking addon updates, when you start firefox.
Simplified view in about:addons.

* Translation: From the selected text.
Of full page. Note: The pages https (secure web) only the english language.

* Back Up: Make a back up of your own addon and others in packaged form. When doing a backup only selecting complements, gives the posibility to create separated installers o make a pack.

Download files:


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